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Give your friends 5% off purchase and you'll get 23% in commissions!

 Here are some of our best converting tested ads software: Use (Online Ads) App to create quality ads or . Use Vimeo to create video ads. Also Gimp is a Great free graphics tool in which you can also design ads.


All you have to do is:

  1. Click the button and register as a Booster.
  2. Share your unique Booster link on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, or wherever you'd like! Feel free to create a Facebook page or social accounts.
  3. Refer to your Kickbooster dashboard and watch your commissions roll in!
  4. See Promotion advice below.
  5. Please no spamming. Or you will be banned.
  6. Please look up the definition of spam if you dont know what it is.
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  8. Create Links To Any Product!
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Some ways we recommend to promote are: 

Promote your affiliate link on facebook/instagram Use the link creator in the backoffice to link to any product or page on Hoodies Galore.

Facebook/Instagram : create Facebook page and run ads share with your friends and family. Facebook recommends running ads for 2 weeks  and to at least spend $200 to start seeing results.

Pinterest you can pin pins. and advertise. They are very low cost advertising.

Twitter  tweet and advertise. Start with a small budget and scale up.

You can also Create a 1 page blog about hoodies galore or website and just promote your link and promote it through Google ads,  microsoft ads, and facebook/Instagram ads. to start.  Start with just one advertising site and scale up.  Use remarketing to retarget your potential customers.

Google recommends a larger budget to start with for a minimum than facebook. As for microsoft ads starting with about $30 a day and let the ad run a day or two  after ads stop learning phase and see how it is performing. Recommend Spending a minimum of $300 over 1 month to start seeing results  on microsoft ads.  As for google it is recommended to spend at least $50 a day for a minimum of 2 weeks.

As you make money with sales you can scale up your ad spend.

With a website you can do better optimization for Facebook, Microsoft, pinterest, and Google ads.

 For image ads creation of your own we recommend Vimeo for designing video ads, and Online Ads app for designing regular image ads. Also Gimp is a great software to use for simple graphic ad designs.

Another route you can take is you can hire someone else or run one of our recommended a.i. advertising programs: Adscale or yoonla, both have great result over time.

 Or you can search freelancer sites for low cost advertisers that have lots of experience. 

All of the ways mentioned are just some of the best ways you can earn money there are many more.

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